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Re: What are you playing right now?

Li-Ion: what's with the Chaos Blade playthrough? Just a challenge?

QXZ, JLB: from hearsay, I thought BlopsII was the most broken of the lot. I don't play it myself, but a lot of online friends seem to have given up on it.

Me: I forgot my mouse at home after the long weekend, and keep forgetting to take one from work. So I am not playing Kentucky Route Zero Part II, but I am looking forward to it a lot.

Instead I am playing Bulletstorm. I'd given this a miss up till now, because I thought it was pretty much, "Shut your dick, or I'll kill your dick, mother dicker".

How wrong I was! Flat out the most inventive shooter I've ever played. It's all run and gun, tongue in cheek, non stop action. Great environments, neat mechanics, nice send-up of shooters. One of the levels is simply the best thing I've ever done in a shooter. Highly recommended if you see it for cheap.
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