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Re: What are you playing right now?

Impressions of a match of MWO yesterday:

8 vs. 8 Mechs with game mode conquest on a map with a lot of ravines but otherwise good visibility and an average temperature about 20 degrees centigrade.
Visibility varies quite considerably for different maps and require use of different sensor modes, e.g. heat sensors with fog or snowfall, night vision during night fights. High temperature limits the use of energy weapons due to threat of overheating the Mech.

We started out taking 2 objectives, which put us at 3 in total (including the base) and things turned into an all-out battle for the centre of the map. At some point Mechs began to fall rather quickly, as the big brawlers were closing in at each other, exchanging barrages at close distance like ice hockey players like to do

Having one objective in my back and secure, I approach the central objective, suddenly realizing it's oddly empty on the battlefield. Reaching the top, a pristine looking Stalker stands right in front of me. That 85 ton monster can rip my 50 ton Trebuchet apart quite easily, hence I accelerate, dodging the first salvo barely by racing behind a rock formation. A quick glance at the map: we're ahead in terms of score, but currently loosing an objective and I'm the only Mech left on my team, while the others have not only the Stalker but also a 65 ton Catapult still running, which immediately sends a salvo of long range missiles in my direction to confirm his existence.

He doesn't pursue me though, but is racing for the objective I was guarding instead. The Stalker stalks me however. A salvo of lasers on my back is motivation enough to keep running and jump down into the next ravine to break line of sight. I run to the enemy base to capture it, while I see the score advantage rapidly melting. Just as the base get's turned in our favour, the Stalker shows up on my sensors, making is entrance with laser and missile fire. What follows is a dance around the objective, which I use as cover and an exchange of lasers and short range missiles just as I get the message that my team is about to win. The Catapult, done capturing the other objective, is also closing in and starts firing lasers at long distance, but to no effect. It seems he ran out if missiles! Just seconds before the Catapult comes close enough that they could flank me, finishing my game of cat and mouse, the resource counter reaches 750 to 748, resulting in the closest win I saw so far
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