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Re: What are you playing right now?

Yes, on PC and runs on the cry-engine so I'm not sure what the hardware specs are. Can your laptop handle Crysis? It's not as intensive as Crytek's tech demos which are sold at full retail price though.

In Mechwarrior Online there is no respawning, if your Mech get's taken out that's it for the round and you can only spectate. On the plus side a Mech can take quite a beating before going down, so it's usually not the case that you get a headshot at the beginning of the round and watch others play for 10 minutes. But it does cater to more tactical and careful play, rather than all guns blazing.

There are 2 game modes right now: Assault (kill them all!) and Conquest (capture 5 resource nodes across the map, first team to get 750 points or is last standing wins).
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