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Re: Why you game

Sure, I don't disagree with you too strongly about the cookie-cutter triple-A scene; it's run out of steam a little for me and I've taken a pass on both Bioshock I and Tomb Raider this year. However, this trend is just reaching its zenith now late in the generation - it doesn't explain why Dale would choose to skip the whole generation from Day 1. I was thinking the answer would just be something similar to P Skerrit's view that current gen has nothing for him.

I find this strange, as now more than ever, you can mix and match your genres and really just pick out the games that you want to play - there is a niche for everyone and that niche contains many quality games in each genre. That assumes PC gaming in some form though, it's a little more restrictive if you just have a console.

I'm not that hopeful for Dark Souls 2 but I'm not despairing about it either - someone else will make a good game at some point to replace it. Ideally there would be a bunch of Souls-inspired stuff from indies in the same way they all copied/got inspired by Minecraft. That's the dream!

I'm generally in agreement with you on the state of triple-A, but it'll eventually correct itself, hopefully, and we will see original games from mid-level developers to make up for it in the meantime. We should support those games.

It may get worse with the new consoles - they are really only rewarding publishing houses who already have vast budgets - everyone else would be far better continuing to develop for the current gen.

Looking at my list above, for the first time I'm starting to think about PC-only for next gen.

I can't answer your question as I wasn't around for last gen!
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