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Re: What are you playing right now?

It's official- Red Dead Revolver is, by a large margin, my favourite game this gen. Started playing Undead Nightmare, and so far, so good. Gameplay is slightly less satisfying- the zombie infested gameworld is at first genuinely eerie, but the undead quickly become fodder for the player, something that never really happened in the main game. Not as good as the core game, but still fun.

The multiplayer aspect is amazing, assuming you have friends to communicate with thilst you play it. The formal matches themselves are good fun, but definitely not the high point here. Just roaming around, seeing whats going on, and getting into turf wars with rival posses is great. I'd definitely recommend playing on hardcore, too- you can only see other players on the map when they are sprinting/ on horseback, so things can get pretty tense. Amazing multiplayer.
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