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Re: Why you game

Difficult. I might try:
Rayman Origins - in co-op and just give the respective person the second controller. Whoever doesn't find this game utterly charming has no heart. Or is Brad Gallaway :P
Gran Turismo - just ignore the awful menu of GT5, most people get why some1 would like to drive a Ferrari 458 around Monza.
Bioshock Infinite - is just a good showcase of the types of experiences games have to offer.
X-Com: Enemy Unknown - because it's about heart and brain.

I'm not sure if I could get across why I play with Dark Souls, but I'd try.
Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
because the mainstreaming of geek culture is turning every game into the same game?
But... calloduty will have now dogs! Completely different experience! They said so at the press conference!
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