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Re: Why you game

All my picks are from the current console generation, not because of age, but because I came to gaming late.

I'd approach this from the point of view that you'd need to draw that person in - so cinematic games with a framing story at the start:

Read Dead Redemption: this has a great intro where Marston is escorted onto a train, then listens to the passengers talking about civilising the West, with their hypocrisy on full display. Then he disembarks at a town straight out of the classic westerns. Powerful.

Of course then you have to control him and he immediately gets caught in the scenery but whatever.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus would also be great examples of this - try and intrigue your friend with the framing story.

Limbo would be a good platformer example as it is so striking and has that gruesome element right off the bat that appeals to us all. It also has just two inputs - move and jump which would simplify things.

For men, racing games such as Gran Turismo.

I'd certainly choose games with very light gameplay elements to start off with.

In summary - strong on the visuals and the emotional impact, light on complex gameplay or controls.
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