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Re: What are you playing right now?

Drop 7 on my cracked iPod touch (fell out while cycling... twice! now my screen resembles a spider's web and the only thing holding my ipod still together is the protective sheet to prevent scratches). Why nothing else you wonder? Because of Steam. Dear Steam, I hate you. Especially your broken "offline mode", which NEVER works when any of my pc's or laptops is actually offline.

I'm sitting in my new flat, unboxed all my moving boxes and want to finish Bioshock Infinite but I can't. Because Steam doesn't let me go into offline mode. What good is an offline mode that needs a permanent online connection I wonder? Why don't they just call it the lolzpwnd mode?

I just bought some extension cord so that I can finally hook up my tv and playstation. Then I can play some games again. But not the one I want to play right now, because of my poor judgement of buying it on PC just before moving house. Steam, I hate you with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

That's why I'm still dropping numbers in Drop 7. Really good game btw. and works offline. Unlike Steam, that steaming pile of garbage. It's not so easy to casually carry my desktop to the nearest place with free wifi to go online to activate my offline mode you see?

Yes, I'm slightly angry. Sorry for the rant.

I should have internet again by the end of the week, then life will be good again. Also, hello England, you're a weird country. Looking forward to climbing in Dorset.
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