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Re: How popular is Cricket & Rugby in the UK?

EA Sports abandoning a console is defiantly a bad sign. No matter if someone is interested in sports games or not.

I am not sure if the Wii U is completely dead in the water. I bet Nintendo has a few things up their sleeve that will be revealed around E3.

To core gamers the Wii U will be like the GameCube and the original Wii. They'll buy it for the first party games.

I doubt that the Wii U will have the same appeal to the casual audience as the original did. The casual market moved on to playing games on tablet and phones. The fact that Kinect (and Move) didn't blow-up like the Wii is a sign that no one really cares about motion controls.

The next year or two will be Nintendo's true test if they can stay in the console business. I think consoles as we know it will change (or go away) anyways after the next-gen.
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