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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
A happy medium- rename this the "Games I'm too rubbish to complete" thread? ;-)
Neh, I mostly stop playing games because they get boring and I have better stuff to do than sitting through endless cutscenes or shooting myself through yet another corridor ;-)

Also, I play many games that are a bit difficult to "beat". GT5 can be played pretty much forever. Online shooters never reallly end. When do you "beat" FIFA? After all, the football never ends. And I don't think it would make any sense if I write into the other thread every time I finish another run of Dark Souls.

Originally Posted by abfackeln View Post
I know pretty early on if I am going to quit a game. Mainly due to lack of interest. Last game I remember being of no interest to me was Darksiders. I was just bored.
I had exactly the same with Darksiders. After 5 Minutes I already got the feeling this is a game I won't finish. After one hour I was sure.
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