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Re: the videogame crash of 2013?

Originally Posted by Dale Weir View Post

I'm sort of torn when it comes to LucasArts. I remember the company when it was in its prime, but how many people still playing games today can say that? Today LucasArts makes mediocre Star Wars games, both online and off. This is the company that made a Star Wars fighting game for crying out loud. It's fall from grace began long ago and sales of its titles are camouflaged by its popular Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones titles and the hype for this Star Wars 1313. I think when it comes down to it you can dismiss this closing as the unfortunate consequence of a merger. Disney looked at the balance sheet and saw what was making money and what wasn't. LucasArts was carrying its weight. Still sad though.
I hated to see LucasArts go, but I thought it was a pretty poor decision to abandon the very popular KOTOR and Star Wars Battlefront games. Battlefront 3 was supposedly pretty far along in development, before being canned for The Old Republic. The failure of SW: Galaxies should have been a big enough sign that a Star Wars MMO wasn't a good decision, no matter who was developing it.
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