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Re: What are you playing right now?

I don't have a lot of time for games, yet I keep buying them. Here is what I have played little of with a quick first impression:

Ni no Kuni: A modern 16 bit style RPG. Some people are going to be put off by the simplicity of its design. I wish it was a little more non-linear. The side quests are a bore. Overall favorable, but they could have done more.

DmC: Great melee action game. I like the art direction and world. The people that bitched way too much about the reboot are missing out.

Tomb Raider: Another really good reboot. They finally made Tomb raider cool again (Although I liked the spin-off arcade game a lot)

Lego City Undercover: Finally a Wii U game to play. It is GTA for the whole family. The humor is a little dorky, but this is intended for 10 year olds anyway. It is nice to play a game that isn't filled with anger. You collect items by running over objects in the city (light posts, etc) which is like rewarding driving bad. That I don't like, but a fun game nevertheless.

Bioshock Infinite: Love the art direction. Not as blown away by the actual game as other people seem to be. Still feels very much like the first Bioshock game in a different setting.

Luigi's Mansion: Makes me remember why I love Nintendo so much. No one can match their charm. I like this game more than the recent Mario games.

Castlevania 3DS: Feels very much like a classic Castlevania game done in a modern time. Lacks personality, but good. Good not great. Better than what some of the critics are saying. I was tired of the anime Castlevania games.

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