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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Congrats! I thought the ending was a little weak too - I was geared up for the mother of all battles, and then....

I finished Quantum Conundrum, a Portal-like puzzle game where you progress through a series of puzzles connected by corridors. The gimmick is that as well as being a puzzle game, it's a platformer, and sometimes a quite hard one.

You have access (eventually) to four powers - reverse gravity, make everything feather-light, slow down time, and make everything iron-heavy. These combine into a series of sometimes-fiendish puzzles, and lots of madcap platforming - for example you can make a safe light, throw that safe in the air, slow down time, clamber aboard the safe, unpause time and sail over a bunch of obstacles unharmed. Ingenious really. Some of the platforming is inspired, some is annoying (all done in first-person too).

I started off not liking it at all but it really grew on me as I progressed.

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