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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I almost spent my 15 USD on this...I will buy it at some point I am sure. It really sounds intriguing.
Well, I'd definitely recommend split screen, if just for the lulz. I just love the narrative- decent crime story, and generally enjoyable characters. Assuming you don't take it at all seriously. There are some brilliant sections where Lynch, the mental one, flips out. This often leads to "hilarious" cutscenes (the fact that the game managed to make my girlfriend and I laugh at him hitting a woman is, quite frankly, some sort of bizarre achievement), but this effects him in the game, too. In the bank job mission, he starts shooting at hostages, out of the second player's control, because he thinks they're police there to get him. When he's told what has happened in the ensueing getaway, he breaks down and is, again, out of the player's control. If you were judging from a gameplay perspective, these would be minor annoyances, but as a whole it really works. Really enjoying it- for a few quid online, you can't go wrong with this assuming you have someone to play with.

The gameplay is far from an inspiration for other developers, but my biggest complaint is that you can't change the splitscreen to a vertical split- again, it's a real treat that this is the worst thing I have to say about the game. I was expecting far worse.

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