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Re: What are you playing right now?

I have entered a netherworld where I only play sports games now. This week I have been playing The Show, Madden and mostly Out of the Park Baseball. In fact I stayed up till 5am this morning trying to win another world series on this. Mixed with (a reasonable, I thought) 5 bottles of beer (Sierra Nevada), I am very groggy today.

I also bought Fifa last week but have only played one game (QPR(me) 2-1 Fulham on whatever the default setting is - easy?).

I went on PSN this morning (for a rather shameful reason) and I see there are lots of sales on - depending on whether you are in Yurp or 'Merica, they have the TombRaider, Prince of Persia, and Resident Evil series on sale; also the Walking Dead and you could join Rob above playing one of the best games from last year as I am Alive is on sale. Also the best FPS of our generation, Far Cry 2. Get on it!

The reason I went onto PSN was that I have 15 bucks on my US account and I wanted to see if I could get the US version of Demon's Souls for that (it was 19.99 tho).

Oh, and Okami HD, Cave Story and Thomas was Alone are coming up in PS+ in Arpril in Europe, so that is good. Unfortunately I bought Okami last month....

However, that podcast that B Gallaway guested on last week is very interesting - they do a full show on one game each time. I listened to the Okami one and it made me almost want to start playing it again....almost. An absolutely amazing game with some fatal flaws.

This has been a public service announcement for Sony...
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