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Re: What are you playing right now?

Kane & Lynch I'm that desperate for split-screen games. Not looking good on the gameplay front- the shooting feels beefy, but it's like trying to control someone with arthritis, even with controller sensitivity turned way up. The cover system is dubious (attaches you to scenery automatically). Graphics aren't great, but not so bad I'd really hold it against it. But already, I love how the story could turn out. The eponymous anti-heroes are fascinating, even at this early stage, and I like the relationship between them. I assumed they were going to be two old friends trying to escape prison and go out to do some criminal work to make enough money to retire, live in a big mansion and be the best of friends. The fact that Lynch is, at this stage, mainly there to keep an eye on Kane who is being forced to help some bad men isn't complicated stuff, but it feels more movie like than most other games I've ever played. Very cautiously optimistic. The fact I feel like this after an hour of wonky gameplay is strange, to say the least.

Baldur's Gate. Not the new enhanced edition but with the Sword Coast expansion. I've decided to play as an axe wielding dwarf. Treasure hunter. Bad ass attitude hiding a heart of gold. Friends will be made, and lessons learnt, in this playthrough, I'm certain.

Just rock hard, but not for all the wrong reasons like Dragon Age. Not much more to say. It's Baldur's Gate. Still brilliant, over a decade on since first playing it.

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