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Re: Please Rate This Review: Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (PC)

Hey Pedro. I appreciate the feedback you've given me about this review.

Since I submitted it here, I gave it to a friend to look at and he also advised me to change some of the things you did. I think the vibe was to make it sound a bit more personal and to support more statements with evidence. The final copy is a tad different from this revision.

In particular I changed the beginning to:

'which sees them once again test their luck at breaking into a cart-racing market which Nintendo’s hands are still firmly gripped around.'

And gave an example of the lap/vehicle style by saying afterwards:

'One stand-out example is the game’s Afterburner track, which shifts fluidly from racing aboard the decks of battle-ready aircraft carriers, straight through the high-seas themselves before finally gliding over and above sunken vessels from the fleet. The on-going action in the background serves as a fantastic spectacle for the chaotic racing which takes place in and around it all.'

I'm not particularly sure how the forums work on this site. It's a great site but there doesn't seem to be much forum traffic.
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