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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
I was attracted to that title, Kentucky Route Zero, but it looked like it was going to turn into some tunnel crawling- which I'm not crazy about. Let me know how it develops.
I would recommend at this point. There is actually a 20-min segment spent in an abandoned mine tunnel in this one, but I'm hoping that it opens out when they eventually hit the highway.

Been thinking about it since last night and there is enough new and interesting stuff happening that would merit a buy.

There's a really interesting mechanic where instead of talking to a character and choosing what to say, you control the conversation from both characters - so the conversation becomes a thing where you decide what you want to talk about, and how deep into each character you want to get and what they reveal, to some extent.

For example, I had a conversation where I had one character taking the not-obvious approach and not demanding answers to the questions he had, while I decided to play the new character's responses as also very cagey and non-committal, changing the subject etc. I had just met this character and had no idea why I did that, but it ended up being a half-naturalistic conversation between two strangers where the we tiptoed around each other. I felt invested in both after that.

I also spent a large part of the game talking to my dog. There is no benefit to this that I could see, but it was great!
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