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Re: What are you playing right now?

I read that the development of KotOR2 was rushed, and man does it show... plenty of bugs and glitches. They range from unintentionally funny, like 3 identical troopers standing faced into a corner going in sync through the same looped animation like a boyband practicing, to annoying, like crashes mid-battle, to infuriating, like party members forgetting the orders I gave them the second I unpause and switch to another character and outright ignore the standing still-order and run into the nearest minefield instead, getting themselves killed.

Also annoying is some of the scripting, which feels rushed like most of the game, where stealth seems to be an option only in few specific areas. Walking into a trigger stealthed can trigger a mini-cutscene with the party - even if the party is still half a kilometer away since I went in solo-mode - leaving me uncloaked in front of a group of enemies with my party back where they were before the cutscene. Wonderful.

What I do like and which keeps me playing is the overall tone of story and dialogue. I always go for the "I'm no Jedi (anymore)"-options. "Grab the Jedi!" "I'm no Jedi." "Good, that makes things easier."
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