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Re: So, the PS4 then...

It appears that Sony haven't come out on the used games question yet.

I'd love to see some actual studies or data on the who the consumers are for these things - what the demographics are for console owners, how many play just CoD and Assassin's Creed and sports games, how many are 'hardcore' gamers (as long as that is defined), how many buy used games, how many PC gamers there are, what they play, etc etc.

I assume a ban on used games would be suicide; but on the other hand, Online Passes and such seem to have been mega-successful, indicating that people will pay to be locked in, so maybe the more 'casual' audience is big enough that console makers can just direct all their sales at them and not worry about a relatively tiny bit of fallout as the hardcore people move across to PC? They must have the data....

I've long suspected that selling less games at 15% extra on PSN is more profitable for Sony than selling whatever number they would sell at a normal price. It's the only thing that makes sense.
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