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Re: it so hard.....

Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
They already did a simular setup with the 60 gig PS3. It was expensive, because they had to basically build a PS2 within the PS3. They were later able to emulate the Emotion Engine (CPU) of the PS2, but it had issues. They would later remove all of the hardware that made it possible for the PS3 act like a PS2, without tweaking emulation for each title.

Yes, it can be done, with the inclusion of the Cell processor, but Sony's aim with the PS4 was to eliminate any added costs to the hardware, like they had with the PS3 at launch.
The trouble is at 30$ for the PS3 to do PS2 it was easily affordable(and if they went with a X86 setup it would have been 100-150 cheaper easily), with the PS4 you are looking at 400 no matter what you do making it anti consumer and limiting your install base is only a reasonable option if the console is 150 or cheaper since its made to be disposable after 3 or 5 years.....

Also let me bounce this idea off you, model 2 PS3, the only thing different in it than other newer PS3s is that its smaller, has USB 3 port, dose not have a power supply in it and can communicate with the PS4 so you can have one OSD setup. Its made to be stackable with the PS4 taking up less space than the fat PS3. Its fully stand alone so you can replace your SKU units out in the would with it, price is 250$.

It hooks up to the PS4 via a simple spliter cable for USB 3, video and audio, this pack could be sold for 60$. The USB 3 port is used mainly for a HDD connection with the PS4, so one HDD to save on space.

One set of hook ups to save on space one power brink to rule them all. This way you ca have the option of an all in one streamlined setup at virtually twice the cost.

I also would not mind an all in one PS"X" ation for PSX-PS3 games, do some tweaks and what not and sell it for 299, this can replace the normal PS3 over time but its production is 1/8th that of the PS4 so you are not really wasting money and the unit is sold above cost so you make money on the sales.

I think at the end of the day thats more doable and the price point is as such its not going to harm PS4 sales any. It also uses the same OSD as the PS4 and many things on PSN can be used on the it.

Basically every new generation you build a new all in one unit above cost and launch it after the newest console is launched. This way you do not burden the newest console any while maintaining a form of BWC.

I still think having a new console with BWC no matter the price is the correct direction to go in, it just can do no harm. As you get an attach rate bonus for new games by older gamers who have a 200$ game collection.

ggaaa I am rabmleing ranting ><
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