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Re: So, the PS4 then...

Consoles are based on manufacturing model thats almost 30 years out of date. ie- selling discs. It's wasteful and overpriced. And used digital property can't be resold, which is what publishers want.

As for PC price.. spend double what you'd pay for a new system and it's peripherals, and split the savings on the games.

Popular launch titles of last generation like Just Cause 2 for ps3 and Xbox 360 still run $20 for a game disc, but you can regularly buy them on Steam for 2.50$

I think PCs vs consoles has the same flaw in it as the american vs japanese car argument. Because it's been shown that japanese cars are better made, people spend more on them for maintenance, and vice versa- they run their american cars into the ground because they just expect to get rid of them after a few years. So the perception perpetuates the model. Same with consoles. You keep or sell the old one and buy a new one and a new library of games, and forget the money you lose. But if you buy a big PC with good memory and power, you just have to replace the CPU and GPU every few years. It's less money. And your library is in cyberspace.

eh, I'm ranting. I wouldn't be ranting if Sony was making some effort to differentiate themselves from their competitors, which I don't see them doing. I think what theyre doing is listening to marketing and focus groups and fucking up their game. Worrying about social online features is a last generation sales point, kids do all that already with everything else. They're getting bored of it. I'm sorry, just f____ Sony. I'm over it.
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