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Re: So, the PS4 then...

Well, we have to remember here that the primary purpose of the console is to play games with a minimum of fuss - turn it on and load your game. This digital and social stuff isn't very interesting (maybe the yoof love it) but at the end of the day your console is a simple tool to play games and stream Netflix and the NFL and that's it.

This is just the next iteration of that.

I was thinking the same about PC - that it is now a viable alternative, but you still have price and complexity with the PC. The price of a console-like PC may be affordable, but then what else can you do on it without filling it full of drivers and other junk that will edge it away from being a simple console. Will you be able to play keyboard and mouse games on it, or will the whole games industry then be moving away from games with those type of input systems? So the whole PC thing isn't cut and dried either.

Of course I am talking about the Steam Box - but normal desktop PC gaming is expensive and has a high barrier to entry too.
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