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Re: So, the PS4 then...

It's all a little underwhelming. The specs seem to be great (all that RAM) and the ball is in Microsoft's court now to match that, but at the end of the day which system is better is all posturing and irrelevant as it is the exact same games that will be released for each console (for the most part).

The features that they do have seem built firmly around social media and the cloud, which I personally have no great interest in. I'm not sure what cloud gaming offers - the idea of pre-loading a game or starting to play it as it downloads is a bit crap - like I can't wait? And who wants to watch you someone else playing a game? If I could record, edit and share Madden highlights with this thing though, I'd be delighted

I didn't watch the coverage, and the articles I read had an unimpressed tone - mostly around the 'bigger isn't better' thesis.

If PSN adopted Steam-like pricing they would clean up. If game manufacturers got in league with the big two console makers with digital and offered discounts, they could put the nail in retail's coffin in a few years (in the more developed countries at least).

That's only the second trailer I have seen for Watch Dogs - if they make it work like that, it will be cool. It seems very content-rich, remains to be seen how much is smoke and mirrors.

I will buy one. I won't be in a huge rush (though my PS3 is starting to make some fan noises now, I hope it holds out) but I'll probably get one eventually.
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