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So, the PS4 then...

Everyone's surprised that there will be a new Playstation. Because we all assumed they would just stop making them. VideogamerTV provided a helpful summary of the press conference:

I am carefully optimistic, but when Sony proved one thing the last couple of years it's that they can really f*** things up. That said, the Playstation Plus service is on the right track and Gaikai seems to push it to the next level.

My single favourite moment was the trailer for "Deep Down", which apart from being a good name for an x-rated movie, is hopefully only a working title for Dragon's Dogma 2. Or Dragon's Souls if they want to call it that.

But overall... the only really surprising part was that there's Diablo 3 coming on PS3. Oh, and also on PS4. There is a new Killzone, a new inFamous, a new GT game in all but name, David Cage really needs a hug, Watch Dogs still looks cool, Media Molecule did something I can't even explain but it looked cool and as a shocker at the end: there will be another Final Fantasy game at some point.
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