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Re: What are you playing right now?

Played DOTA 2 yesterday thanks to a beta invitation. I haven't played a moba before and the lack of a tutorial for the beta doesn't help when deciding with which of the 4 million playable characters I want to start with. I figured something that does damage is always nice, so I went with Firemage Lina.

I started a practice game versus easy bots and spent the first 5 or so minutes not acutally playing the game but figuring out how the shop works and what the standard items do. There are no health potions as such, but some kind of paste which allows to devour a tree for heal over time. I haven't heard of any kind of jam that would make eating a tree a tasty proposition, but who am I to judge the dietary requirements of fantasy heroes?

The next 10 minutes I spent deciphering the minimap. The term information overload sprang into my mind on several occasions. Way too late I charged into battle. Everyone else was already couple of levels higher than me and I found out quickly that the only way to get xp to gain levels from npc or other players (in my case bots) is to get the last hit on them when they die. Which sounds much easier than it actually is, since at least the character chosen by me had quite some delay for her standard attack and was turning with the agility and grace of a hippopotamus.

I also figured out that a lower level character is akin to breakfast for a higher level nuker. Unfortunately I went through this experience only on the receiving end, but on multiple occasions.

Dazzled and confused I was hovering through the woods (firemages apparently don't walk) just to be almost eaten by some random hostile monsters standing around. I guess they're supposed to be cannon fodder and level-up material, but already posed quite a challenge for my little hippo. At the point where the level of everyone else was at least double of mine I was singled out and one-shotted every time I got close to the front lines and and quit.
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