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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
the Wiki says that I can kill the Black Phantoms via the coward's means of bow and arrow
I hardly ever used a bow, but i followed the instructions and everything worked, so if it actually says you can do it with a bow i doubt it has changed. The game was released for download last month but making it harder for lttp gamers? I don't think so.

The requirement list is not that complex or long.
Bosses were still alive when you killed the BPs?

It took me about a year to get the Pure Bladestone...and then that skeleton dropped two - one after the other!
haha, great.

I actually still like the Black Skeleton. Definitely more than some of the rinse and repeat boss fights.

The Friend's ring is taking a massive effort and I am no closer to it than I was last week...
I wonder how long some people played it to get the Platinum really on their own.
Just finding out how ANY tendency change works when the game hardly differs when its going one level up or down is a miracle to me.

playing now:
RE5 Gold
Single player just sucks. Coop is alright.
Really good was only the first additional mission of the Gold Edition.
Double Dragon Neon
Will get back to it after finishing RE5.
The combined load times will be insane after playing it for some time. But besides that it plays great so far.

planned in the next weeks:
GT Legends
Lara Croft and Guardian
Wipeout 2048
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