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Re: What are you playing right now?

I agree, trophies are entirely meaningless. What I was trying to get at is there is a whole extra game within the game there, which makes you engage with the intricacies of the Souls worlds, and is really rewarding (your mileage may vary).

For example, in Dark, it makes you get to a certain level in some of the covenants, pushing you into a side of the game you may have ignored - think of all the individual challenges within the covenants. It pushes you towards completing the Onion Knight's questline, which if you were playing more casually, it is unlikely you would have seen.

It doesn't add subtlety, it adds intricacy, and I've found it to be a really rewarding aspect of the games. I don't have any other Platinums and don't intend to try.

It's really interesting how they managed to layer this meta game on top of everything else that has been so well thought out and is such a coherent world. There are many occasions when going for the Platinum that you set down the controller and marvel at the game design. It is that good. It is similar to the Level-1 Challenge that you did in Dark, I suppose, in that it makes you approach the game from different angles, and really shows you the depth and flavour of the games.

They did make a major blunder with the Pure Bladestone in Demon's though. That is the one sour note.
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