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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Spec Ops: The Line

Out of the very limited selection of games from 2012 I've played, this is easily the best.

Pretty bog standard third-person shooter, gameplay-wise. However, as someone who rarely plays these sorts of games, this didn't bother me. What it does, it does very well for the mostpart. The weapons have a nice, weighty feeling, making them satisfying to use whilst not being too easy, and this is one of very few games I've ever played that grenades are as handy as they should be. The cover mechanics work well, mostly- however, I did get irritated that you can't just slip around a corner if you're in cover- you've got to detach yourself, putting yourself at risk, walk around the corner in question, and go into cover again. Such a stupid oversight.

I'll hide some of this paragraph, to avoid spoiling the game for others- The story is incredible, one of the greatest I've had the pleasure of being told via the medium of a videogame. I vaguely remember someone starting a thread on these forums regarding videogame that make you cry. Whilst it didn't go quite that far, I was deeply moved buy the events in the last third of the game. Where the game really started to become sad was the part where Walker orders a white phospherus attack on the 33rd. It didn't bother me at all (as far as I was concerned, they were bastards up until this point), but then you realise they had a lot of civilians in the camp, who they were helping. Another part that really hit me was entirely optional- the bit where Lugo is hung by some of the locals. I opted to open fire on them, and watching the silouettes of defenseless people running away in their masses whilst I sprayed them with heavy machine gun fire was genuinely upsetting. Guess I only have myself to blame for that one.

The ending is something special, too. I opted for the suicide ending, and I just sat there for a few minutes reflecting back on the game. I was tempted to reload the save and go for one of the other endings, but I'm going to save that for another day. In conclusion, I am overjoyed that there is a game which can handle such subject matter with this amount of care- I'm glad that, finally, there is a military themed game where the protagonists (for want of a better word) don't come out mentally and physically unscathed. For the story, I can not recommend this game highly enough.

Last thing I want to mention is how difficult the game is- I played on hard mode, and wasn't expecting it to be quite so difficult. I'm going to attempt the FUBAR difficulty some day soon. But before that, I'm going to give Rainbow Six: Vegas another bash. Spec Ops has whetted my appetite for a game with proper squad commands- something Spec Ops itself falls slightly short on.

EDIT: Regarding the interpretations of the game's story (especially Li-Ion's on the "What are you playing now" thread, which I read with great interest), the way I've interpretated it is that Walker didn't die after the helicopter crash at the start of the game; whilst this is an interesting theory, for me this would negate a lot of the impact the suicide ending I chose had. However, having a three man delta team take on the Damned 33rd (the most highly decorated squad ever, in this game's universe), would take a lot of suspension of disbelief- I've chosen to see the events up until the heli crash as a flashback by a near-death Cpt. Walker, which have been exagerated in his mind. Maybe, in reality, he and his team took on tens, rather than hundreds, of troops from the 33rd.

I'm aware that even one of the creators of the game has basically said what Li-Ion said, but he also says it's completely open to interpreation, and the way I've just described is the most satisfying for myself. I like to think that it's all real, with only Walker's hallucinations and possible flashbacks being removed from reality.

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