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Re: Anyone mess with blender?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I'm trying to get my 14 year old nephew interested in computers/modding/any kind of technical interest.

I thought of starting him with modding (he's interested in games but not much else) - but it is very complex. Is there any way in, or would you recommend starting anywhere in particular?
Easy not really. They do not make moddable games much anymore. Unreal Tournament 04(as in the year) and Unreal Tournament 3.

This is where I got my feet wet, its rather easy to change what weapons use what ammo, and what projectiles. It can help to understand Object originated programming.

Java is much like Unreal script used in the Unreal engines.

Then there is this

But I found it difficult and boring as I could not see the changes by starting up the game. UDK comes with no game you have to build from ground up.

Outside of programing there is skinning, rigging and modeling. I can not do rigging as of yet, I can only do a bit of modeling have yet to get it in game since I have to skin and rig it.

Skining I can do, I been using Adobe Photoshop, the main thing to know when dealing with picture editors is layers it took me years to really grasp that.

GIMP is a free alternative .

There are also tutorial sights that can guide you through using UDK.

You also can just hunt and peck around for free tuts.

Java and C++ are the most popular programing languages. You might look into that. I have a hard time reading so books did me little good but Amazon is a good source for books and such their rating system makes its easy to find what should work.

Sorry if this is disjointed I am thinking while I type LOL
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