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Re: Rate this 2nd opinion piece: Hitman Absolution

What was surprising me the most about Absolution is how it confused it seems to be what it tries to do. On one hand the shooting and cover mechanics have been improved (there were no cover mechanics in previous hitman anyway), on the other hand the scoring system punishes people trying to use them.

Anyway, to the review: I like it, albeit crowds didn't really get a mention, which is one thing Absolution does really well. I'd go as far as calling it the best 3rd person crowd simulator of 2012. I really liked parts of the game where I could hide in the crowds to avoid detection. Too bad these bits were flanked by awful hide and seek-sections that hammered home how awful the disguise system really is.

I stopped using disguise at all after some point and just tried to get to the next section asap, where all my previous deeds seem forgotten and my sins absolved (maybe that's the reason for the name?). Like in the courthouse, where I killed almost everyone, but that didn't seem to have any influence on the prison below and even less on my attempt to get out of prison again.

Did I already mention how stupid the disguise system is?

Imagine a bald guy walking past you facepalming being not suspicious. But if he dares to wear appropriate full body armor and helmet it's of course easy to spot him.
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