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Planing on doing a Mech Warrior marathon one of these days , haz a joystick I doz. But trying to get 2 joysticks to work at once is driving me crazy.

The moan reason for the Nostromo is buttons, kinda wish the Dpad was an analog stick but it has a wheel on it.

Planing on getting a Uhid one of these days and building my own vertical mouse then a dual stick, dual hat, joystick setup.

For now the Nostromo looks like my best option for mech sims.

I got pissed at my 10$ mouse left button giving out so I took another mouse and am making a franken mouse with 2 extra buttons(for now can add up to 3 more), need new switches for the additional buttons as the ones I selected are just 2 damn small.
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