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Re: What are you playing right now?

Took a chance on Rage after my missus decided she thought it looked good for some reason, and pointed out it had co-op.

Tried it out multiplayer- very difficult, probably due to us both having been drinking heavily, and her not listening to a word I was saying to try and co-ordinate what we were doing. Plus I overlooked the fact that I'd somehow put it on "nightmare" rather than "normal" mode.

Tried it again tonight (sober), and it's good. The co-op is a series of missions specifically for numerous players. It reminds me of Left 4 Dead, except more difficult. Blasting through it now- we're using the same tactics as every other shooter we play together (me closerange with shotgun and fists, my partner shooting a machine gun in a care-free manner), and if anything it's even more satisfying here.

Had a quick play on single player- the graphics are stunning, and whilst there isn't the sense of freedom you get with Fallout (it's very linear so far), if anything, slowly creeping through an enemy stronghold is more tense than anything from that series. Enjoying it overall, but it seems to retain the hallmark of most other ID games I've played- brilliant presentation, no innovation.
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