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Re: Rate this review: The Last Story

Really well written. I have a tiny issue in that the tone comes across as ever so slightly passive-aggressive but the whole review is internally consistent and is a pleasure to read so it is not really an issue.

Examples of that are

Death and resurrection are treated as a kind of banality in The Last Story, apparently.
No need for that 'apparently', I think - it just sounds like you are sneering a little at the game.

The same with "So go nuts, have fun".

As I say, these are minor things, and there were fewer of them than I imagined when I re-read it looking for examples, so I wouldn't ask you to change anything - just be cognisant of it in future.

As for the content -

And with that comfort zone to fall back on, The Last Story feels brave enough to pioneer the realm of cover systems, stealth, and third persons shooting.
I wonder if that was a major selling point or advance for this type of game - if so maybe you should have elaborated a bit on it? (Beyond saying that it doesn't work).

The other thing was, I can't seem to parse this sentence in your final para - "That's it's not a name that deserves to be taken seriously." Doesn't make sense to me!

But all in all, I wouldn't change the review; very well done; it looks like this reviewing game is coming together for you.
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