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Re: Chair warz.

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
why not just get a bigger monitor and a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse so you don't HAVE to lean forward?
If I had money I would not be bitching. LOL

Also only 2 feet from a 38 inch HD tv....I need new eyes LOL

Its not really leaning forward the chair rests in an uncomfortable position.

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I think it's a posture thing.

You could get one of these, and position it so that the thin end of the wedge is in the crack between seat and back. A roll of duct tape and hey presto, your upper body would be tilted forward at 25 degrees

It is very bloody expensive though, as is that chair. My office chair cost 29.99
Well I got the chair fixed now I saw some extra wrench sockets I have when I was cleaning, a bit of forcing it in with a hammer and now its leaning forward a tad.

Now I need Lumbar, then I will need to make a seat belt thingy or ergonomic arm pit rests.
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