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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

Uncharted Golden Abyss
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Cut the Rope Experiments (Free)
Ceramic Destroyer

best non 2012 game played end 2011/ beginning 2012:
Clickr (totally kicking ass with above games!)

Most time spent at character creation: japanese PSN account

Best videogame character: The Blob from Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

Best (half decent) story: Uncharted Golden Abyss
Runner up: Alan Wake
Special Story Award for being utterly charming:
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom

Most disappointing story: Dante’s Inferno
Runner up: Infamous – Festival of Blood
Alan Wake

Could have been best ending (not actually in the game!): Alan Wakes ending mixed with AW: The Signals ending

Worst ending: Infamous – Festival of Blood
the vampire background offered an instant win story, but the game was mediocre and the ending an exclamation mark to that

Best bossfights: Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
The Mayans were at least right in the virtual world.

Best multiplayer, co-op: Gun Bros
since it was the only coop game i played this year.
It's nothing new at all, but still i was surprised how smooth it actually worked since e.g. the pretty similar Dead Nation on PSN suffered quite unacceptable often from connection losses.

Best individual moment: Rock of Ages
youtube link

Best PS+ game i never ever would have bought regular but enjoyed a lot:
Runner Ups: Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Wakeboarding HD
Gravity Rush

Best company: Sony
for promising great games with PS+ and fully delivering, even including the Vita without any additional costs. although being a more strict DRM than steam this rental service overall is competing with steams super cheap sale prices and is making imo first time ever console gaming cheaper than PC gaming.

Most time spent with a free to play game:
Treasures of Montezuma Blitz
Finally a Bejeweled game that is actually good except its slightly annoying f2p limitations
Runner Up: Ecolibrium

Least polished game that was still fun to play: Chronovolt
the physics and overall graphic performance is so obviously broken it's impossible it has ever undergone any sort of professional QA. Still a fun game.

Worst DLC:
Best DLC:
iirc i purchased none so
Most unnecassary DLCs: all available

Most annoying DRM: Sonys decision to make savegames of retail games and downloaded games incompatible
My 100% unlocked savegame of Wipeout unaccessible after i sold the disc and bought the game digital.

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for platform everyone seems to think is d.o.a. but which I enjoyed quite a lot: PS Vita

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game many seem to love but which I thought being no prime example for great or at least good indie games: Amnesia

Special award for proving that i totally suck at (some) videogames:
Super Street Fighter 4
Cubixx HD

Go fuck yourself Award for blatantly stupid trophies
Big Sky Infinitys Library Award for demanding from players to spent possibly hundreds of hours with a game thats appeal probably wears off after 10-20 hours. It's sort of random, but the average player has probably seen and done everything (except all grind tasks) in less than an hour.
Runner Up: Treasures of Montezuma Blitz
straight asking to spent 100 hours playing which is about 75% more time many players will need for unlocking everything (excluding time in menus and with a time limit of in average 1,5 minutes per round...)

Best idea in video game audio
Sine Mora

The award for game being better than i thought after the demo and buying solely because of others' recommendations

The award for being actually not bad but failing in keeping me interested
Red Dead Redemption
Runner Up: Dead Space 2

The award for most broken "i'll finish it this year"-resolutions in a row: GT Legends
WIP since 2007 or something like that
But next year i'll fini... play GT5 instead... oh my...

The award for worst ripoff: Dante's Inferno
as a matter of fact i don't even like God of War (and own all of them ) just stupidly hoped the crusade thing would make it better

Most deaths without knowing what i could do differently: (Really) Big Sky (Infinity) (PC; PS3/Vita)

Most angry words shouted at TV due to difficulty: surprisingly this year i seem to have played just stuff that either was not good enough to invest any hate on it or not difficult/frustrating enough to ignite hate

Biggest disappointment: Max Payne 3
The original Paynes are still topping my favorite game list but i'm uncertain if i ever buy this unworthy successor.
Runner Up: Binding of Isaac

(presumably) First game of 2012 I'll buy in 2013: Catherine (EU release was 2012) or rather Asuras Wrath since Catherine is too pricey for the overhyped game it is in my expectation

Thanks to Li-Ion for some categories
Disclaimer: games mentioned haven't necessarily been released but i played them 2012
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