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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

That is a great list, Zanbatou. Delighted, in particular, to see a shooter arrive on what will, after all, be the Official GC Forum GOTY list

I looked up the Tribes website and the first thing that hit me was 'Most Difficult Shooter. Ever'. It's a bit intimidating - is there any room there for non-twitch players?

You make a good point about Mass Effect. It was a good game, but had a hard time living up to (or down to) the previous episodes.

XCOM 13 pts
Tribes: Ascend 5 pts
Spec Ops: the Line 5 pts
Papo and Yo 4 pts
Mass Effect 3 4 pts
Dragon's Dogma 3 pts
I am Alive 3 pts
FTL 2 pts
Guild Wars 2 2 pts
Endless Space 2 pts
Legend of Grimrock 1 pt
Hero Academy 1 pt

There is still time to vote. Where are JLB, Abfackeln,
Golem, Odo, holdthephone?

RandomRob - you could still vote for #2 and #3
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