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Re: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Gu

Tips for Empire of the Rising Sun:
1. At the beginning of battle (assuming u start with $40,000) build as many Instant Generators as u can untill the 1st on is complete.
2. Build as many Refineries in exact proportion to the ore veins around your base.
3. (at land) Build 2 Factories and when they r done make 1 start upgrading and the other producing anti-infantry
(at sea) Build 2 Naval Factories and when they r done make both upgrade and then produce Sea-Wing/Sky-Wing
4. Build Mainframe core and produce as many Tower Cores as u think is safe (1 Tower= -75 energy 1 Generator= +100 energy)
5. Upgrade 1/2 of your unit producing structures to the next level (by now they should be starting to attack if on easy or medium poss. hard)
6.(at land) Build 1 Wave Force and 5 King Oni and make it your first attack wave. (at sea) Build 2 Yari Subs and 4 Shogun Battleships and have them attack yari should be in lead to be like scout
7. If your initial wave fails, send in another wave with x2 strength or go opposite route. If also needed build the Psyonic Decimator and the Nanoswarm hive. If it succeds, you should come home with a victory (or you can add insult to injury)
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