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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

Where did he pull that #1 out of? He just picked an old game?

I'd forgotten about this guy - I used to enjoy his reviews; I must look him up again.

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Game of the Century:
Dark Souls
No love for Demon's?

Worst ending: FTL
Quite a letdown after the excellent gameplay until that point.
I could pick any number of games for this award. I think I Am Alive might take it this year for me.

Least playable due to technical issues: The Walking Dead
Could only get it to run with some obtuse tinkering and then I had corrupted savegames not once but already twice. I really don't feel like playing through Episode 1 for the third time. Neither story nor gameplay are good enough for that.
Yup; I can't get past Ep2 because a) it doesn't register that I own Ep3, or b) it doesn't see that I have played 1 & 2. One of these two always happens. That is really bad in this day and age.

Best DLC: Dark Souls - Artorias of the Abyss
If Pedro wouldn't roll his eyes in knowing complacency, I'd put this DLC in my top 5 games this year, right between... no, above...
Runner up: Mass Effect 3
It's the only DLC I bought in 2012 so I agree!

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to hate but which I enjoyed quite a lot: F1 2012

The 'what is the internet on about?' award for game everyone seems to love but which I didn't get along with: Dishonored
Most Out of Step with the Internet: Far Cry 3.

Most angry words shouted at TV due to difficulty: Hotline Miami
Those "bossfights"...
Artorias of the Abyss. That Sanctuary Guardian, and then those stone knights....

Least interactive game: Journey
Nice movie though. Beat the Walking Dead by a hair's width.
Dear Esther. You may as well not have been present for Thirty Flights of Loving either. This was definitely the year of 'It's not a game, is it?'

Medal of Honor-Award for most awesome beards: Dragon's Dogma
Tier 1 would be proud!
Most awesome beards?

Biggest disappointment: Hitman Absolution
Runner up: Dishonored
Far Cry 3, though I didn't expect much. Journey.

(presumably) First game of 2012 I'll buy in 2013: Far Cry 3
Don't pay full price
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