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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

My number 5, and the recipient of a potential 1 point, is.......XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

This year, for me, seemed to include a lot of 'gateway' games, in that games were released for niche genres like stealth (Dishonored), Turn Based Strategy (XCOM) and 4X (Endless Space), but were released in such a way that they would appeal to a more casual audience. Other people might say they were dumbed down versions for a console audience and so forth, but they certainly whetted my interest, and maybe, just maybe, I'll go on and play Thief, or Gal Civ II, some day.

XCOM was a good game - for me it was let down by the bugs like shooting through walls, sudden materialisation of all the enemies on the map in one place, etc. There also wasn't any replay value for me, because playing it on a harder difficulty would just mean inching forward through the maps one square at a time, and that doesn't really appeal.

On the plus side, I really enjoyed 90% of the game, and was extremely surprised that I did so. It was compulsive playing at times, and managed that rage-quit-followed-by-logging-on-5-minutes-later thing. It's my #5.

Running Total: XCOM Enemy Unknown - 1 pt.
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