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Re: What are you playing right now?

Can't wait to get my grubby hands on Far Cry 3. I'm hoping the enemy spawning system is fixed, but haven't been able to confirm it through research. It hasn't been a complaint in reviews I've read, which is surely a good sign.

Still playing Hitman religiously each day after work. Not so much for it's quality, but I want to sell it before it's value depreciates too much, so I can rebuy Blood Money. I wish 47 existed for reals, so I could order a hit on myself to end this torment. According to the in-game logic, I wouldn't know he was coming, if he avoided stealing one of my Judas Priest shirts to disguise himself with, and just squeezed into one of my woman's dresses instead. Painful, painful, painful. And I haven't gone back on my promise to not comment on this game again until completion, because I didn't put the title of the game in bold lettering in this post. That's how it works guys, get over it. (seriously, don't buy this game.)
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