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Re: Rate this revew: Mirror's Edge

It is a bit long, but glad you enjoyed it anyway.

I have an odd style that may not fit review writing -- or at least the traditional kind -- you may be right. But whenever I read a review I'm very put off by instruction manual paragraphs like the one you linked, and it bores me to death writing that way. "This is how you do this and it's fun" -- just not a fan of that approach

For example, he later goes over the melee disarm in another paragraph, explains it fairly mathematically and then simply calls it "satisfying" and "awesome." As a reader that sounds like a pretty shallow analysis to simply take on faith, and so whenever I criticize or compliment a game I want people to understand why I'm doing so, instead of taking my opinion for face value.

Though if I do sound vague at times, I'll certainly try to improve upon that. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.
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