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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Mount & Blade offers just so much more in terms of freedom, allowing to play as a merchant or brewer as well as a soldier or knight. If only the quests in M&B weren't so generic...
Hoorah! M&B is the pinnacle

I've actually coded some quests in M&B and tbh there is not a lot you can do except send people off to fight other people, deliver a letter, or gather some resources. The dialogue system is so clunky, and the first-person mechanics of the game really only support fighting, so it is pretty limited.

The most elaborate thing I had was a quest where a village girl eloped with a neighbouring boy, and there was a small moral dimension where you could take her back and ruin her dreams, or leave her there and have the village elder lecture you about rural depopulation and not being able to survive if all their daughters could run off to some far away village etc. Exciting, huh? One of the outcomes resulted in you massacring the entire wedding party, which was just completely out of character if you were playing a good guy.
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