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Re: What are you playing right now?

My opinion of FC3 is probably unfairly influenced by FC2 and my disappointment that it wasn't built upon. Early in the game I came across a crossroads where two trucks had crashed. They were full of gunmen, and one was transporting a cage with a bear in it which had broken loose. This melee was joined by 5 or 6 komodo dragons which had crawled up from the river to join the fight and everybody was firing wildly at everything else. Some people will love this, but I hated it in the context of FC2.

I still haven't really tried shooting anyone much. So maybe it will be brilliant when that starts. I haven't been back since though.

XCOM - 8 hours is incredible. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. It has its faults for sure, but it makes up for them quite a bit.

Skyrim - I think you have to be predisposed to this type of game in order to overlook the flaws, because there are a lot of them. Third person is just awful...
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