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Re: What are you playing right now?

Skyrim... I was full of RAGE yesterday, when a bugged quest either didn't continue past a certain poing or outright crashed the game 5 times in a row. In my 4th attempt I though I finally went through, hit quicksave... and quicksave crashed the game

I was already making a point that the Walking Dead 'gameplay' is too repetitive and the story not strong enough to warrant playing the same episode multiple times. Skyrim's narrative is nowhere near strong enough to justify force-fed exposition 5 times in a row because the questline is bugged.

For a game that's out that long and had it's share of patches, the amount of bugs in Skyrim is staggering. In some areas hitting quicksave will crash to desktop. Sometimes my arrows hit so hard, enemies clip through walls into the next room. Third-person view (the way I prefer to play Skyrim, since the floating FP camera with weapons attached to it makes me feel uncomfortable) showcases just how often you can sink halfway into a solid rock while descending a mountain. NPC are teleporting around and having occasional troubles finding their way around a tree.

Absolute lowpoint in terms of quests so far was one infiltrating an embassy. No spoilers here but this mission just showed how bad stealth works, since I was spotted out of sight just because I accidentally hit control and got out of 'stealth-mode', making every guard within 2 mile radius immediately aware of my position. But it's ok, I just ran to the next door and as soon as I was in the house no sign of alarm and the next scripted story exposition could take place.
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