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Re: What are you playing right now?

Well, first impressions of Far Cry 3 are that it is terrible.

It's the gamiest game I've ever played. Gone is the pseudo realism of the previous game and in comes a focus on earning XP through takedowns, endless 'challenges' such as kill 5 dogs with a shotgun (you haven't got access to the shotgun yet so there is one at the entrance to the challenge), kill as many mooks in a row as possible at location X and get onto an in-game leaderboard (current leader [UBI] John - 210 kills), etc etc.

Incredibly, travel is even more difficult than in the previous game - there are no checkpoints, but you run into a patrolling jeep every 80 yards or so. I don't know if these respawn. If you bypass them by going off road, the undergrowth is filled with deadly animals, so you constantly have a snake wrapped around your ankle or a leopard attached to your forearm.

The radio tower mechanic, where you uncover the map by activating radio towers is weird. They are not guarded and you just climb up a ladder to do this, so what's the point?

Lots of fetch quests - for example the vaunted hallucinogenic trip through the cave is only in the game so they could put it in a video. You don't actually do anything in the quest except go to A and come back again.

There are a billion messages popping up telling you what to do next.

All in all, it is disappointing. It may get better when I start attacking stuff. To date I have only had one chuckle when the game prompted me to shoot the lock off a cage containing an animal, which would then wreak havoc in the enemy camp. Unfortunately the animal was an emu or something equally ineffectual, and was taken down with one burst from an AK47. My own demise followed soon after.

There also seems to be a fair bit of misogyny in, of all places, the descriptions of the weapons and game items - this is a game that is aimed squarely at the "14-24 year old dumb fuck" gamer and has pretty much ditched the more thoughtful aspects of the first in favour of kerrrazy antics and fetch quest busywork.
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