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Re: What are you playing right now?

I enjoy hearing your updates, JLB.

I started Endless Space last night. The thing that gets me about this type of game is that I never know what I should do - are they all about a mad dash to grab as much territory as possible at the start? It seems that way.

I started exploring like crazy, and when I made first contact with another race, I saved and quit out. At that point it gives you a 'victory' screen, and I saw that the two AIs I was up against had at least three times the territory, FIDS etc that I had. I had only managed to colonise three systems, though I had explored a lot more.

Is there a way to divert Dust in order to speed up ship building and research, or should I just colonise three nearby systems at the start (ie not bother expanding) and build an enclave within the boundaries of those while researching Arid, Desert Arctic in order to maximise those systems? Ideally I would explore a lot and then build roadblocks in strategic systems, but the building is too slow for that.
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