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Re: Gaia Online Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

Apparently you're all stupid, acting as though you can find a cheat for and get away with it. The easiest ways to get gold are the following-

1. Earn free Gaia Cash
-Do this by clicking on the amount of Gaia Cash you have, then click 'Earn Gaia Cash', from there you will have the option to watch videos, or Complete Offers. Videos usually earn you 30-40 Cash a day, while doing the Ampario survey daily can potentially earn 200 Cash a day. The 'Cash Treat' available daily can also earn you at least 2 Cash daily.

2. Play zOMG!
-zOMG! is one of the main games offered to you by Gaia. It is a Flash game in which gold can easily be earned by 'farming'. There are many spots around the zOMG! world in which you may farm, although the one in which you should visit if you are a lower level is one of the ones in the Village Greens. There is a fluff farming site by the Sand Pits, and a gnome farming site by General Mayham's home (please note: after earning 50,000g you will be 'nerfed', which is basically a cap to slow the earning of gold. If you PURCHASE G-Cash, the cap increases.) You can also earn gold by simply playing the provided story-line that goes with zOMG!.

3. View the Forums
-This is one of the lower earning ways to get gold quickly, but it still works; simply visit the forums. This earns you gold averaging around 100g a post. Say you post one-hundred times in a day, that would be 10,000g. So, it does add up over time, although it takes longer than some other methods.

4. Daily Chance
-The Daily Chance offered by Gaia on each main page (Home, My Gaia, Shops, Forums, World, Games) will award you with prizes. It is a slim chance you will earn something that will sell for more than 5,000g, but it is still quick and easy gold. The Daily Chance may be played on each page once a day, as alluded to by the name.

5. Booty Grab
-This way of earning gold is probably seconded only by Gaia Cash or zOMG! methods. Booty Grab is a game that can be played through other Gaians fish tanks, and sometimes your own. The easiest way to find tanks ready to be played on is by visiting the 'Gaia Aquarium' section of the forums. Here users have set up places where Booty Grab is most-likely to occur, and with massive amounts of tanks, you can earn great amounts of gold in a short period of time. Although Booty Grab can be faulty at times and may be annoying to find a tank ready to play on, it will be worth it after you get your gold.

6. Towns
-Well, this one isn't really a necessarily 'quick' way to earn gold, but it does accumulate overtime. You can earn gold in Towns by clicking on Trees, Shrubs, and Bushes to earn a gold amount from 1g-9g (Note: Gold does not always drop.) While hunting down gold in Towns, you may also see Bugs flying around, and Trash on the ground. If you simply click on them, they will appear in a temporary inventory which can be accessed through clicking the little Red Backpack in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can send all of the acquired Bugs and Trash to your inventory by clicking the button that appears when your Backpack opens. Now, usually Trash and Bugs sell for smaller amounts (.5g-100g), certain rarer bugs (such as beetles) can sell for WAY higher amounts.

7. Games
-This one is fairly simple. Playing one of the many games Gaia has to offer can be a fun way to earn Gold. In personal experiences, I've learned that Fishing and Tiles are probably the two quickest games to earn gold in. In Fishing, all you need is a Rod and Bait. Better Rods can cost up to 12,500g, while the default rod cost no more than 500g, less if you buy it off the Marketplace (usually.) Bait is rather easy to find, as you do not really even need to purchase it. It can be found through the Daily Chance mentioned earlier. As for Tiles, it can be hard for some, and easy for others. It all depends on your ability to find matches among the Tiles given as well as the level you're playing on. For me, I find it easiest to play on Expert mode and stop at the 300 Ticket mark, in which I can sell each of those tickets for a small fee. But, for example, if each Ticket sells for 5g, and you have 300, that's 1,500g just from that. I've also been told playing Easy earns quite the few tickets after many games, but in personal experiences, I've found Expert more productive.
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