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Re: What are you playing right now?

In all fairness, that sounds EXACTLY like my last car's alarm ;-)... good summary though.

Playing and oldey in the form of Dead Rising I played it to death when I got my first Xbox. Every time I died I'd start anew, both because it felt like the "proper" way to play it, and you got to keep your stat improvements from each game. Then my Xbox broke, and really couldn't be arsed to start completely fresh...

Seems to be an under-rated game. It's a lot of fun, great sense of humour, and although repeatative, the combat has a satisfying weight behind it. Only downside is the combination of weak AI and escorting survivors to the safe place, which I can see that critics would identify as a major downfall. It's a really enjoyable piece of programming, and look forward to completing it this time.

About to start a new game of Castlevania-Lords Of Shadow, another game I never finished. I remember it being a minor classic in my book, so really can't wait to get stuck into it again.
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