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Re: What are you playing right now?

Hitman Absolution
This is an odd one. I'm still not sure about this game and according to my "achievements" I done roughly 2/3 already. For each incredible high it also has a incredible low (savegame corruption on consoles nonwithstanding, luckily I play on PC, no issue there). When it comes together it's oh, so beautiful. But often enough it doesn't come together, when the in-game logic freaks out and the immersion is utterly broken.

The good parts often involve large crowds. I've never seen so large and convincing crowds in a video game. I don't mind some of the escape the police-sections either that a handful of reviewers had issues with. If they work 'as intended' they have a strong The Fugitive-vibe and are a lot of fun to play. As long as you ignore that you evade clone troopers, where every second police officers looks the same.

Some ideas sounded probably good on paper, but in the game they turn out to be just a bit rubbish. For example can now guards or people who wear the same uniform as 47 is dressed in figure out if he's actually a policeman, factory worker, vacuum cleaner salesman, chipmunk, etc. I it that the police would not be so stupid that when the guy they're looking for just walks past them dressed up as a cop they suddenly forget that they look for a bald dude with a tattoo on the back of his head. However, in some of the levels 47 is dressed up in something like a cleanroom suit.

So everyone else wearing a cleanroom suit suddenly get's X-ray vision and can see from 5 meters away that you're clearly not working here. That would also apply if you are dressed up like this:

Everyone else in the world wearing a chipmunk costume would immediately recognize that you are a wanted murderer.


Then are other odd things. Car alarms only go off when you smash a hand against the car. They do not go off if you throw all or any of the following: metal bar, sledgehammer, brick, can of gasoline, multiple bottles, toy robots, hula girl statues etc. On one occasion I threw half the level on a car and the alarm wouldn't nudge. Picky little alarm system.

Or the trespassing stuff... if Agent 47 walks in an area he's not supposed to be in, people get suspicious and might get the police or guards. And things escalate very, very, VERY quickly. In one early mission in Chinatown I accidentally went too far behind one of those small take away's. The cook told me to get away (understandably), but even before he finished his sentence a police officer behind me started yelling at me and pulled his gun. Not even 5 seconds later, because I didn't immediately "fake surrender", the message "SWAT team arriving" flashed across the screen. For trespassing a chinese take away. Talk about over-reaction.

Also, load times are abysmal when loading from the last checkpoint. The checkpoints have a bit a Dark Souls vibe in that sense, that a lot of enemies that have been 'taken care of' suddenly come back to live and walk their usual patterns as if nothing happened. In some missions it's possible to run and make 4 or 5 guards follow you, then instantly dispose of them via a splinter-cell-esque mark & execute-feature (Red Dead Redemption hat the same AFAIK), activate the checkpoint, reload immediately and the guards will be reset to their inital positions as if nothing happened.

But then there is still some mad and/or genius methods to beat various missions by staging accidents and managing to finish a mission as silent assassin is quite a thrill. But there's always the option to go all guns blazing, like that almost matrix-style shootout I recently had in a marble-clad lobby while wearing a chipmunk costume. But as soon as you walk through the door to the next 'stage' all is suddenly forgotten, since even SWAT teams can't open some doors. Hmm...
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